Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High End Hotel Suites

In today's update from the Huffington Post, there was a super article from the Wall Street Journal (not my favorite) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125129933050760795.html about the economy and the price of luxury hotel suites. The most expensive room on earth is stated to be $65,000 per night but you'd be delighted to know that there are lots available around the world for merely half that price. I have this horrible thought of the cost of a bottle of Pepsi from the frig.

It seems that owing to the economy, this is good time to bargain for your hotel room. Why, one dude stayed in a ocean front room for only $300 a night where the regular price was so much more. If you watch TV, you probably saw Captain Kirk negotiate these things.

I hark back to years ago when Fernando Marcos was the dictator in the Philippines, and I stayed at an American hotel in Manila. I booked a standard room, but they were all filled and they gave me the Presidential Suite on the top floor. Yes kids, the penthouse floor. I had to whisper whether or not this was a mistake, but they said that I was a VIP.

The penthouse floor was rich in carpeting, wall art, and a table full of delicacies such as chocolates (things to kill for) and there was a young, perhaps 19 year old drop dead beautiful attendant to see to any special needs. Several thoughts went through my mind from the cost of special needs to the fact that Marcos could take a dim view of any misbehavior or Imelda would kick me with one of her 10,000 pair of shoes.

My point is that what keeps these prices up are the willingness of world dignitaries to pay such prices as well as rock stars and other celebrities. I can understand the celebs but some of the highest priced accommodations are very close to the U.N. in Geneva. If you remember your history, Fidel Castro wouldn't hear of it (also not my fav), but I just guess that if you were the Grand PooPah of, say, your average 3rd world country, you may want to set a good example in the use of public funds unless you feel that you need to live it up while you can.

As to me, I ask for my AAA discount and think I'm such a shrewd negotiator.

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