Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A couple of years ago, I had automobile policies and home owner's insurance with AARP. I also remember having a Medicare Supplement policy. I am not saying the insurance was bad, but my personal experience is that it is not what it should be.

I received a notice that my insurance was going up steeply because of my driving record. I know that my record has been clean for many years so I went down to the Motor Vehicle Department and bought a print-out of my record. I mailed it to AARP and heard nothing from them. I found lower cost insurance with a higher rated company.

I also received a notice that my home owner's insurance was going up because of my past record of claims, and I haven't had a claim for about 12 years and then it was a minor fence repair that didn't cost them even 1/3 of one year's premium.

AARP who is in business for helping the mature of age, is doing business with insurance firms who like premiums but don't like claims. No different from the others, not a snip.

AARP, has TV ads almost every day, often showing someone holding up the Medicare Supplement card and sounding like AARP has something other companies do not. In fact, Medicare gives all the rules for Supplement plans such as the popular plan F, and it really doesn't matter which company you get insurance from. My point is that their advertising sounds misleading and if they really were in business to care for older people, they wouldn't waste so many millions on advertising and rather pass that cost onto their members. They don't need the kickbacks from insurance companies or to pimp for them. That's my two cents.

Lastly, I was an AARP member and did not feel like membership there bought me anything. As a member, I don't remember my opinion being solicited. I quit my membership there as well.

There is something wrong when AARP loses my autos, home, medical and my membership.

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  1. I commend you on erasing all contact with AARP. Wait until you see what they supported. The gutting fo Medicare for puny contracts given by the Obama Goverment.