Sunday, December 20, 2009


It seemed like Joe Lieberman was standing in the way of a good medical bill and I watched him mouth some words, that sounded unbelievable and could have been written by the insurance lobby, of why he wanted to stand in the way of everyone getting affordable health care.

In my opinion, he didn't have a good reason and it seems that no matter what Congress came up with, if it helped the people and controlled the insurance companies, he was dead against it.

I wanted to ask him if he cared how many people died, how many went bankrupt, how many went without care, and how the insurance and pharmaceutical companies were ripping us off. Instead, I posed a simple question in an emal to his contact address. I asked if he was getting paid by the insurance companies.

The answer I received essentially said, that because I live in California, I should not contact him, but my own representatives. In other words, he does not represent the U.S. as a Senator, only his constituents. And since most of the people in his state want affordable health care and don't want to die from lack of it, it seems Joe doesn't represent even his own constittuents.

How does he and the other Democrats against a public option, against Medicare for 55+ and buying drugs overseas all sleep at night. I guess OK because once you loose your conscience, death and suffering of fellow Americans don't bother you.

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