Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Products & Bad Politics

Let's say that the XYZ Super Store Chain was importing a food product from China or some other country that shows their unbridled love for America and the product is really terrible. It has no nutritional value, is in a package with too much air giving a larger appearance, makes or alludes to health claims that are not really genuine, and uses the sing song advertising language to mislead. An example of such language is "you may very well save your life by using this product" It means next to nothing but sounds like a life saver.

Now should a celebrity take money to promote this? Should a network accept advertising that misleads? Does first amendment rights trump outright lies? Should the FDA take this product off the shelves? Should the firm be made to correct its packaging, its words, its claims? Of course we should be protected from fraud.

So why do we allow the fraud of blatant lies be advertised and then we hear that it is paid for by some lofty sounding group with a name that sounds like it is in the public interest, that it is
for good citizenship, that is for honesty for the people? The ad is replete with lies and the "paid for by" firm is nothing but a front.

The Harv View says that we see often see through much of these lies during an election campaign with the Swift Boater scam being reported as a major exception. but I have heard a constant barrage of commercials, that I'll bet anything are paid for by the insurance firms and pharmaceutical firms, using a front name sounding so patriotic, and using a soft spoken woman's voice, hoping people will believe the outrageous lies. They well know that if Sarah Palin can say what ever fantasy she wants and be revered by here flock of Evangelist followers, certainly a multip-million dollar campaign can sway public opinion. Oh yes, I could be wrong here, but that's how it looks.

I am amazed that there is not a revolt demanding Medicare for all and nothing less. We are letting the orchestration of Republicans and Pharma and Insurance firms have their way with us even if thousands and thousands of Americans suffer and many die. Let's never vote for a candidate who will not swear an oath to take no donations from lobbyists.

Whey do we tend to love our country and not give a damn about each other?

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