Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Tiger and His Fellow Americans

Finally a wannabe terrorist pushed Tiger out of the media feeding frenzy.

The Tiger episode reminds me of waiting and crawling on the freeway only to find an accident and an army of gawking jerks whose life must be so boring to cause the hardship of others to be the highlight of their day.

I suppose if I asked "why" to some of those who held up traffic, burning thousands of gallons of gasoline, they would tell me that they always slow down and curiously watch the accident scene. Their reasoning is that they always do it, therefore they believe that excuse should suffice. I'm willing to bet the farm that not one would have considered the feelings of those who had the accident that hundreds of their neighbors are staring. I bet it never had been given an iota of thought that they caused neighbors to lose time, money and precious renewable resources waiting on the freeway. I'm sure they never considered that someone on the road was on the way to a hospital.

This gives added impetus to my theory that we love and rally to our country but actually, in the aggregate, we don't give a crap about each other.

Now everyone loved Tiger until he cheated; until he was found to be poly-amorous, until some women came out of the woodwork and traded his marriage, his reputation, his kids, for their 15 minutes of fame and probably 50 silver coins. After all, there is some interesting analogy as Caesar was Brutus's benefactor, Christ was Judas's benefactor and Tiger was the benefactor of those who could not hold a quarter between their knees. I stand by Dante who ranked a crime against ones benefactor as deserving of the 8th ring of the 8th chasm of hell.

And the media stressed that Tiger represented himself as a family man with family first being his motto, his way of life and that is the reason why the ladies of TV most all with the same look, the same do's, act so incensed. Was he supposed to represent himself as a philanderer? Duh! for a billion dollars, I'd even call myself a Catholic or Mormon.

I wish Tiger's wife would have told the media, lawyers, and all those who gawk and feed off the hardship of others to ....... well, I can't say it here. I wish she talked this out with him and if she decided to get divorced, that the two of them first try to negotiate it. I wish Tiger would have blogged that it was none of the rest of the world's damn business same as I wished Bill Clinton just said, "none of your damn business."

Sure, Tiger cheated and I will not judge him. It is not my business. It is his wife's business. Yes, it should have made the news and then died in favor of, let me spell it, R-E-A-L N-E-W-S.

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