Monday, December 21, 2009


I remember President Obama saying that if you want to sell a car in America, it should be made in America. That really resonated with me as I believe the loss of our manufacturing base has finally caught up with us, has created widespread unemployment, has caused the loss of a few million good jobs, and aided George H. Bush's attack on the middle class.

I know China would crap all over us if we had some balls to bring back a few industries but that is what we need to do as shovel ready jobs will not do it. Shovel ready jobs does very little for creating management jobs, blue collar jobs, engineering jobs, technical jobs and manufacturing jobs.
New industry would do this, but there is not enough new industry to piss in the ocean. It took a few hundred years to build up our manufacturing base and a few years to give it up to China and a few other countries that did need work but it should not be at entirely our expense.

I am in favor of bringing back manufacturing jobs on a selective industry basis. It does not matter if the company owners are from overseas such as Toyota but there needs to be U.S. managment below them, and though we can start with assembly operations, there need to be a timetable where we actually make the tools and the parts.

Industries such as computer manufacturing, cell phone, all large appliances, clothing with retail value over $100 a garment, shoes with retail sale price of over $50, all automobiles, trucks, busses, tractors, trailers, gas driven garden equipment, furniture with retail value over a certain amount, all drugs consumed in the U.S. Further, all technical jobs and management jobs must be by U.S. workers on first shift or 6 AM Eastern time to 6 PM Pacific time. The extent of this list is large enough to assure not more than 5% unemployment.

These items will cost more, but there will be a few million workers back in the labor market paying taxes and earning good wages to be able to afford more.

So, all of you Congressmen, Executive branch Gurus, our beloved President, grow some big ones and bring our industries back.

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