Monday, December 21, 2009

Republicans in 2009, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska

When I was a young man, as far back as high school and into college years that it was the war cry of my peers that they would not consider politics as it is too dirty. I just paused a moment thinking that in the Bronx, the high school had it share of pool room hustlers, horse players, drug users, womanizers, petty crooks, and gang-bangers. Now can you imagine that they almost universally conclude that politics is dirtier?

Two things hit me today. One is that the neighborhood bad boys had an uncanny understanding of a truth that politics is beneath the ethics of street hoodlums. The second is that this widely felt idea of staying away from public service left the field of public servants to be populated by those who know that there will be many in office just like them, and therefore they can screw the public without their peers calling them down on it. I guess no one there throws stones because too many live in glass houses.

There are many good politicians. Many good Congressmen and Senators, but there are too few to garner 60 votes. To get 60, you have to sell your first born.

And now, more and more Americans don't even follow the news. So soon the politicians can say anything and we will swallow it. Don't believe me? Just ask Sarah Pallin.

Sorry Republicans, I'm just thinking of the misery and death because we don't have health care reform. I sense we'd have a public option if you guys didn't have insurance.

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