Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Texas Refuses Birth Certificates to Aliens Born There

Let's say Leticia is knocked-up and 7 months pregnant.  She's thinking that she could have the baby here in Mexico, pay the cost and, later when she comes in with the help of a Coyote, both she and her baby have to hope that Cryin' John is not the Speaker and someone named Nancy is.

So, she says to her significant other; Yo, Carlos am gonna motor over to Texas, have the baby free in the emergency room, get a U.S. birth  certificate for the kid so he's a citizen of Estados Unidas. Carlos asks; Yo Chicka, you can do that?  Like, yeah, you can, Honito, everyone is doing it.  Carlos;  Honita, you so smart!

Having had a right wing Governor, the Texas electorate, in their infinite wisdom, decide to effect change and elect someone much further right, presumably to make it clear that they will not be outdone by an Alabama or a Lousiana, and notwithstanding this flying in the face of the laws of the land, they figure on an odds on chance hoping Anthony Kennedy owes some payback to the Italian Narcissist, the black guy who sees, speaks and hears no good, the sheer Brilliance of Alito and the Chief Justice with the pasted on smile.

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