Thursday, July 30, 2015

The mindless Dentist and God's majestic beast

I just watched the Cycle on MSNBC where the prevailing theme was about the poor dentist whose life is ruined because people are over-reacting not because he killed a lion who had a family, but only because it was a pretty lion.

I think it is not OK to hunt for sport simply because you have permits.  Some places issue permits to get fees. Some do it to control the killing. It is not OK or macho, to hunt with a bow and arrow leaving the animal distressed and in pain.  It is not OK calling it "taking" the animal as it is should be called killing or murdering.  It is not OK to display the heads of creatures you slaughter on your wall. Frankly, I consider this guy as vile as it gets.

Should this Dentist's life be ruined?  I believe in the penalty fitting the crime.  His ignorance is no excuse.  He is guilty of hiring criminals who lured the lion out from the sanctuary. He is guilty of killing and letting his prey suffer.  He is guilty of morale turpitude. He is guilty of not knowing better because he is an educated man.  In my opinion, what really irks me is that this A-hole is totally unapologetic.  I suggest his penalty should be confiscation and destruction of his entire animal head collection,  a $250,000 fine donated to animal preservation, confiscation of all his weapons and permits to use for 20 years.

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