Wednesday, October 21, 2015

General Electric (GE) Revisited

I recently wrote a piece asking the darling little girl in GE's institutional TV commercials to speak to her mom, who works on such great intellectual projects and must have sway with Corporate, to ask the powers that be to pay their f----_ fair share of taxes right here in America.

GE's new commercials show a nice young geekish type telling his pals, on one hand, and parents on the other about his new job with GE.  As a former Marketing Major, I can say these commercials are works of genius.  They do not have to say much about GE; you deduct that they are a class act, work on esoteric projects and are a leading edge business.

GE must  have lots of PR feedback speaking harshly about their not paying US taxes.  Nevertheless,
GE wants us to love them. I guess it is tough to be hated when you make underwater fans powered by the moon, and of all things, trains that are friends with trees.

I suppose tv commercials are less expensive than taxes.  But, then there is morality. If not for the U.S.A, there wouldn't have been a GE.

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  1. underwater fans powered by the moon ... mmm ... delicious!