Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Drone Program is Getting Some Bad Press

I want to keep this simple.  There are publications horrified over our secret drone program. Does anyone think that the program should not be secret?  Are there Americans, other than the media, who believe that the program should be transparent because, after all, we are promised a transparent government.

Certainly, when we kill a bad guy, we should go open kimona. No one complains about this.

But, what happens when we kill a "suspected" terrorist?  The word, "suspected" means we're not positive.  We may just have some Intel that he is doing stuff Luke shooting a rifle in the air, screaming death to Americans, maybe doing a Jig on our colors and he hangs with bad guys with guns.  In addition,  what. happens when the Drone takes out innocent people, AKA collateral damage.?

These anti-drone under-achievers believe we need to capture suspected terrorists and afford them due process.  They say that strikes should be surgical so as not to harm the innocent.

My 1st Ammendment rights allow me to state that terrorists do not afford due process as we know it, They really try to kill as many civilians as possible, are never inclined to be transparent, and their concept of due process is that everyone else sucks and should be beheaded.

Until these people weed out the terrorists and murderers within, I would like to make a monthly donation to our drone program.  Think of it folks, for just fifty cents a day, two quarters, less than a cup of coffee, we can bulk up the Drone program.

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