Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump and McCain

Donald Trump said that Senator John McCain is or was no hero.  If one were to use a very narrow definition of the word, hero,  Donnie could be correct.  The narrow definition would be bravery perhaps a scoch more than the expected, in this case, in the military..

I suggest that if the narrow definition is used, it should be stated that the definition limits are both explained and are  the only parameters.  I guess being captured doesn't constitute bravery.  However Donnie does not explain any parameters and the preponderance of  scope of what a hero is, as stated in Merriam Webster, should be applied.

I am not a John McCain fan, but would call him a hero.  For his service, he is almost universally admired, he has shown great courage in his prisoner ordeal. and while I may disagree with most of his politics, he is a man of many fine attributes.

So Donnie, grab yourself a dictionary, have someone read to you the definition of Hero, and apologize to the Senator.

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