Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heading Toward .a Fascist State

We seem to be heading toward a fascist state. I have hesitated about writing this for over a year simply because readers might think that it is an over-sensitivity owing to my progressive bent and personal background.  A 3rd reason is that the words fascists, Hitler, Reich are so horrific that there is a national hesincy to compare or label this on any person(s) or group even if they smell of the same symptoms. Lastly, I'm no historian no political or social expert.

Hitler came to power based on the repetition of lies and promises of taking a country back.  He used ideology, blamed minorities,  pushed nationalism and the opposition was cowered and too many were apathetic, and rich and influential people saw opportunity to expand their greed.  The seemingly moronic population saw a chance to improve their lives.  The ultra morons believed that God would provide.  The clergy were too involved in promoting their self interests, the courts either folded or were replaced by ass kissers.  There was a constant drive to use the military, to consolidate power.  People who carried out Fascism were social degenerates.  The leaders of the movement had mostly Getman sounding name.  Oh, tell me I'm wrong!

Does this sound familiar to you?  Germany killed, Republicsns  are suppressing. The few are consolidating power. They do not want controls and regulation.  Voting rights are being removed, women and minorities suppressed, lies are being repeated.  I can go on forever.  More and more legislators are to the right of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini.  The people are voting against their own best interest.  Millions of Americans have eroded their freedom, their economic status, their good paying jobs believing that anything is better than a woman.'s choice. 

If you don't like my opinions, don't read my writings.

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