Monday, February 2, 2015

The Moderate Saudis

Ol' King Abdullah died and world leaders went there to pay respects.  Well, I guess if you compare the despot to other leaders in the world, particularly Middle East Arab leaders, and move the definition fulcrum a half dozen sigmas to the right, he was moderate.

Let's use an article I read and give Abdullah the Merriam Webster definition of moderate.  All opposition party leaders were arrested and one had what they call a mental breakdown in a Saudi hospital.  I guess this is moderate if you live in Moscow.

Recently a Saudi woman was beheaded, being accused of witchcraft, not because she was caught practicing it, but because she owned books on it. How is this moderate?  I guess she could have been tortured first.

A blogger dared to question differences in Church and State was given a 1,000 lash sentence. The moderation here comes from the fact that he could have been given 5,000

A woman was arrested for bringing food to a Canadian woman who was dense enough to marry a Saudi, and who was locked up in the home by her husband without being given food or water..  She is accused of helping incite a woman against her husband.  I have mixed emotions on this one.  I understand that she did leave the cap off the toothpaste.

Thousands of Ethiopian workers were beaten and kicked out of the country because they were Ethiopian and no longer needed.  Didn't they learn anything from the Chinese?  They could have killed them and harvested their organs in a women's' hospital.

It was recommended to allow women to drive between certain specified hours and days.  King Abdullah said no.  Look guys, we want to be moderate, not freeking Liberals.

Although women are banned from working in most industries, Abdulah allowed them to work in lingerie stores so men would not have to wait on them.  Yes, everything in moderation.

Women were allowed to earn 1/3 of the total number of scholarships, but if they go overseas, they must take a chaperon along.  Honey, if you come to Cali, don't go go U.C. Santa Barbara.

And leaders from all over the world went there to "pay respect".

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