Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I never thought gloating over an opponents loss was laudatory, but in this case, my message to all of the anti-gay marriage organized religions, in particular the Mormon Church, the ministers, everywhere, who poison the minds of their flocks with bigotry and hatred, the homophobic throngs who have bastardized straight marriage and left an army of single parents and high school drop-outs, and the double digit I.Q. minions who just hate anyone not like themselves.... I take the rest of my life to watch you squirm.

To all LGBT folks in California who felt the pain of Prop. 8, may you set the example of love for all who follow. And, to protect the youth from bullies, the gays from assault, and any semblance of LGBT bashing be it physical or just discriminatory, fight with an iron fist.

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