Monday, June 15, 2015


This is a story about parents who outed their daughter. Nice job Mom and Dad.  You can now take off your white robes with the pointed hats.  This is a story about the mindless media totally committed to their craft that they don't care whose life they hurt or destroy as long as it is not their own.  Their excuse is that they're only the messengers, just the ones carrying out their marching orders.  News flash, the same excuses were used at Nuremberg.

This is a story about the NAACP who may have missed the opportunity of a lifetime by accepting Ms. Dolezal's resignation.  They already said she was doing a good job, a good advocate, a good leader.  Which genius pointed out that she checked Black on a form?  Which shameful elected officials gloated?

This is a story about a girl born to white parents, was educated by mostly black teachers, declared herself as black, passed for black and then spent her days helping black people.  Did I get this right?
So, WTF, beg her to take her job back. And, as to her parents, please self deport!

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