Friday, April 10, 2015

Rand Paul

I read in cyberspace that Rand Paul requires that anything he said in the past, hereinafter, must be off limits.  Really wish I remembered the exact quote, language and context, however I think it is the most bizarre thing to emerge from the mouth of a Presidential Candidate.  He seems to feel free to viciously go after anyone's past without necessarily being encumbered by facts,   Yet, anything he said in his past, any of his flip-flops, any simply not true statements are no to be mentioned hereinafter.  Well so much for his statements

Now, I understand that in addition to not talking about what he said, he ends interviews or gets enraged if something he did comes under scrutiny.

What an ideal position to be in.  He wants to erase his utterances, wants to be assured only mutual admiration interviews, and he thus assures he's as clean and pure as Caesar's wife.  And, all the time have his way with his dis tractors.

Now, once he says something, it becomes in his past, as soon as it is said.  So, he is actually also protecting the present and future.  Brilliant!

The last person who had such free reign, was a little mustached fool in 1939.

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