Monday, March 30, 2015

Andreas Lubitz, GermanWings and the French Alps

In the early hours and days of this tragedy, a Prosecutor was stating to the world's news services that the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose.  I don't know the Prosecutor's name or if it was a he or she and if (I'll call it a "he") his nationality was german or otherwise.  In the days that followed, the Prosecutor alluded to depression, that  Lubitz lied to his company, that he was seeking the help of a shrink,  then they found that doctors told him he was unfit to work but he tore the Doctor's note up.

The effort, I guess, was to make sure that the world knew, even before the first black box dried, that the Airbus plane was totally not at fault.  To keep the parent company pure as Mother Theresa, a huge effort was undertaken to tell that this 28 year old co-pilot was capable, trained and qualified  up to the highest Luftansia standards.

Since then, Andreas Lubitz took a leave of absence in mid training maybe because the psychotic drugs were slowing him down. There were articles that he became a Muslim, and he lived with a girl friend who is pregnant.  Someone wrote that he could have been Jewish. I'm shocked that this theory took so long to emerge. After all, the Europeans are hard wired to swallow a Muslim or Jewish connection.  Now I understand that the Prosecutor says Lubitz was suicidal.  Now, why would anyone think that?  Someone told me that the Governor of Indiana said Lubitz was Gay, but I rejected that notion out-of-hand as  the tell came from a Republican in the locker room of my gym.

The CEO OF Luftansia, Germanwings parent company stated that they didn't need two people in the cockpit at a time as zis vaz only von incident.  I detected an underpinning of arrogance reminiscent of B rated war movies. OK, maybe I'm just not a nice person.  Now they have the two rule.

Anyway, I think pilots, conductors, ship captains, et cetera, should undergo periodic lie detector tests snd psychiatric evaluation. As well as blood and/or wee wee analysis.

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